Ownable town squares for online communities

What is

Towns is a near real-time group chat protocol and app designed for online communities to build better hometowns on the internet.


Towns gives you the building blocks to create your ideal community. Ownership of each town lives on-chain, so they can be transferred or sold, giving you complete control to delegate in the best interest of your community.

Make it

Towns is a playground for creativity. Programmable smart contracts let you control settings like administration, reputation, privacy, and roles. Any community can build new clients or APIs on the Towns Protocol and keep complete control and customization.

New support models

Towns unlocks entirely new support models for your community. Community owners can create unique experiences such as selling access keys to specific channels or rewarding members for their contributions - the possibilities are endless.


We're inviting people to join Towns as early alpha users to help test the app and shape the future of Towns.