We envision a world where you are free to express yourself. Where you define the borders, and you set the rules. We envision a world where you build what you want, how you want.

Over the past decade, the digital town squares where we’ve gathered online — to communicate, create, and share — have been stuck in walled gardens. Moderation is inconsistent and confusing. Self-serving business models are built on the backs of users’ content. We no longer feel like owners of our online experience. We no longer feel a sense of belonging to our online communities.

We believe in freedom— the right to belong, the right to self-ownership, and the right to privacy. We believe we can participate in our communities without being taken advantage of, express ourselves without censorship, and organize without centralized control.

We envision an eternal town square with collective moderation, self-governing communities, and equitable business models where all sides win or lose together.

With Towns, it is time for us to own our hometowns on the internet.